In exactly three weeks’ time on the 22nd of August 2018 it’ll be World Jollof Rice Day, a culinary festival in London celebrating everything Jollof.

Every West African region claims their Jollof rice is the best and here at Healthy West African we’ve sampled an amazing culinary array of Jollof rice from the various regions. We’re even aware of the Jollof rivalry which has resulted in Jollof Wars and the saga that became #Jollofgate following displeasure at Jamie Oliver’s version cum misappropriation of Jollof rice!

So what is Jollof and why is it king of West African cuisine? Here’s a video explaining what Jollof rice is and highlighting the fact that the variations in Jollof reflect the rich variety in West African cuisine with each country adding its unique signature twist to this popular dish. We’ve added a healthy twist to our version – download our free Healthy West African Jollof Rice recipe card.

Are you a Jollof rice fan? Who does it best? Share your comments in the comment box below.

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