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New for 2011 – Healthy, West African & Wise™ Books by Angela Tella

I’ve just penned 2 new books, both of which will be available soon. Healthy, West African & Wise™ – The Complete Guide to a Healthy West African Diet and Lifestyle and the accompanying Healthy, West African & Wise™ Food Guide are the first books (in the world) to uniquely address the diet and lifestyle challenges faced by people from West African communities.

Here’s a sneak peek at their covers:

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2 Replies to “New for 2011 – Healthy, West African & Wise™ Books by Angela Tella”

  1. My sister just sent me the link to your books. Thank you – these books are long overdue. It’s frustrating when one gets a meal plan that is full of western foods only. no matter how much one tries, it is difficult to just abandon the foods we grew up with. Once I receive the books, I believe I will be able to use them to incorporate my favorite foods into a healthy meal plan. Also, most of our foods are made from the fresh, natural ingredients, so they should be considered healthy, we just need to make some changes to use healthier ingredients, and preparation methods (not so much deep frying) and reduce the enormous portions 🙂

    1. Thank you for the appreciation – yes, they are long overdue. We know that you’ll find both of them very useful going by reviews from other readers who have purchased both our award-winning books. Subscribe to the HWA blog to keep posted on happenings in the world of West African diet, lifestyle and health. Spread the word!

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