Healthy Weight Loss is Possible

Losing weight can be hard but not impossible, especially when you have the right tools and professional support. Our Weight Loss for West Africans™ Programme can help you lose the extra weight while enjoying the traditional foods you love to eat because of the role they play in your culture and identity.

We provide evidence-based information and advice and teach you how to make informed choices that will result in healthy weight loss and improved wellbeing. We also teach you techniques to prevent you from sabotaging your weight loss progress.

The Weight Loss for West Africans™ Programme

Weight loss

Our weight loss programme is delivered virtually either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis and is designed to help you:

  • Set and achieve realistic weight loss goals;
  • Eat healthy and live actively;
  • Shop, cook and eat out healthily;
  • Separate nutrition facts from fiction;
  • Maintain your weight loss and not sabotage your progress.

Lose the Weight While Enjoying the Foods You Love

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What Our Weight Loss Clients Say...

I must really congratulate the Healthy West African team for the Weight Loss for West Africans programme we have just completed. It was a very good format and very informative. I was able to lose some weight and thoroughly enjoyed the whole input of the complete course. Well done!

Peter R

Weight Loss Programme Client
The facilitator was very good to us during the programme. It made me feel that even though I have a weight problem, I am still human. I will follow on from this and make positive changes.

Soji P

Weight Loss Group Programme Client
An extremely interesting and informative course full of practical and useful advice.

Musa Y

Weight Loss Group Programme Client
The programme was much better than I expected… A lot of things have become clearer. It was exceptionally well-presented which made the whole topic interesting rather than boring. I have to say that it has given me the tools and confidence to carry on losing weight on my own!

Ola S

Weight Loss Programme Client